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    TomTom Expert
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    Default TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) (latest in post #1)

    Latest version 18/12/2014
    Blitzer_AT_TomTom 48198
    Radar_BE_TomTom 48199
    Blitzer_DE_TomTom 48200
    Radar_ES_TomTom 48201
    Kamerat_FI_TomTom 48202
    Radar_FR_TomTom 48203
    Safety_Cam_UK_TomTom 48204
    Autovelox_IT_TomTom 48205
    Flitspaal_NL_TomTom 48206
    Fartsboks_NO_TomTom 48207
    Radar_PT_TomTom 48208
    Fartkamera_SE_TomTom 48209
    Safety_Cam_PL_TomTom 48210
    Blitzer_CZ_TomTom 48211
    Safety_Cam_ZA_TomTom 48212
    Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom 48213
    Radar_BR_TomTom 48214
    Safety_Cam_US_Canada_TomTom 48215
    Safety_Cam_GR_TomTom 48216
    Safety_Cam_HU_TomTom 48218
    Safety_Cam_RO_TomTom 48219
    Safety_Cam_SI_TomTom 48220
    Safety_Cam_SK_TomTom 48221
    Safety_Cam_BG_TomTom 48222
    Safety_Cam_LV_TomTom 41556
    Safety_Cam_EE_TomTom 48224
    Safety_Cam_LT_TomTom 48225
    Safety_Cam_IE_TomTom 48226
    Safety_Cam_NZ_TomTom 48228
    Safety_Cam_NL_Premium 48231
    Safety_Cam_FR_Premium 48232
    Safety_Cam_DE_Premium 48233
    Safety_Cam_PT_Premium 48234
    Safety_Cam_BE_Premium 48235
    Safety_Cam_IE_Premium 48236
    Safety_Cam_IT_Premium 48237
    Safety_Cam_ES_Premium 48240
    Safety_Cam_PL_Premium 48241
    Safety_Cam_CZ_Premium 48242
    Safety_Cam_UK_Premium 48243
    A gift to my friends from those I love
    Link URL:
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    the Maverick Reviewed by the Maverick on . TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) (latest in post #1) Latest version 18/12/2014 Rating: 5
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    If you have installed WinRAR 3.xx or WinRAR 4.xx there could be a problem to
    extract a archive that is created with WinRAR 5.xx. You can upgrade or use the
    freeware "Command-Line" version to extract the archive.

    If your OS is Windows use the "Command-Line" freeware 'UnRAR_v500'
    (see attachment)

    Copy "UnRAR_v500.exe" to the "C:\Windows" folder.

    Open a "Command Prompt" box in the folder where the "WinRAR archive" is located.

    To extract the archive type: C:\Windows\UnRAR_v500 x -ad -y "archivename.rar"
    or use (modify) the batchfile that is in the attachment to extract the archive.

    *) Freeware "Command-Line" UnRAR tools for other Operating Systems:

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    lurchyboy's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I may of had my head in the sand for years, I've just been updating my cameras, and I realised that -
    DK - Denmark has not been updated since ver 8986 Feb '13

    LU - Luxembourg since Ver 20011 Jul '12

    Can anyone out there shed any light on this? should I drop these two countries camera files from Europe map or just keep the old versions in there?
    Thanks in advance.

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    magho44 (15th October 2014),Vitinesgonzalez (2nd September 2014)

    TomTom Expert
    the Maverick's Avatar
    I doubt that the old speed cam files will be of any use after this period of time. Latvia too has ceased being updated too

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    lurchyboy (21st May 2014),magho44 (15th October 2014),Vitinesgonzalez (2nd September 2014)

    Hi all,

    sorry to be a bit ignorant but I presume that these will not work on tomtom android? (and if they do is it an easy install)

    Also would the work on a tomtom via135? If they do will I just be able to load them via tomtom drive under "community"

    Many thanks

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    magho44 (15th October 2014),Vitinesgonzalez (19th November 2014)

    TomTom Expert
    the Maverick's Avatar
    Unless you can crack the speed cams, fuel prices etc. The answer is no. Newer navcores do not allow you to do this, sadly. Updated to todays speed cams for 12/06/14 all regions updated. Latvia is not being updated for TT
    Last edited by the Maverick; 14th June 2014 at 09:49 PM.

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    magho44 (15th October 2014),Vitinesgonzalez (2nd September 2014)

    I have old update datum speedcameras
    Safety_Cam_LT_Premium 30.05.2013
    Safety_Cam_LU_Tomtom 26.07.2012
    Safety_Cam_HU_Premium 30.05.2013
    Safety_Cam_DK_Premium 09.11.2009

    have your update for this speedcameras?

    1. What is different between safetycam tomtom.ov2 and safetycam premium.ov2?
    2. I from NL and i see Flitspaal NL and Safetycams premium NL. What is different between Flitspaal and premium?

    Last edited by kaspersky_nl; 30th October 2014 at 01:50 AM.

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    Vitinesgonzalez (19th November 2014)

    TomTom Contributor
    nyky's Avatar


    •Fixed speed cameras
    •Red light cameras
    •Red light speed cameras
    •Mobile camera hotspot
    •Mobile speed cameras

    safetycam premium

    •Fixed speed cameras
    •Red light cameras
    •Red light speed cameras
    •Restricted area cameras
    •Average speed zones
    •Mobile camera hotspot
    •Accident blackspots
    •Mobile speed cameras

    Only the registered members can see the CODE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

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    Vitinesgonzalez (19th November 2014),yoshi5 (7th November 2014)

    jarkita's Avatar
    I believe this is correct:


    •Fixed speed cameras
    •Red light cameras
    •Red light speed cameras
    •Restricted area cameras
    •Average speed zones
    •Accident blackspots

    safetycam premium

    •Fixed speed cameras
    •Red light cameras
    •Red light speed cameras
    •Restricted area cameras
    •Average speed zones
    •Mobile camera hotspot
    •Accident blackspots
    •Mobile speed cameras

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    Vitinesgonzalez (19th November 2014)

    GPS Contributor
    basflt's Avatar
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    AFAIK Flitspaal.NL dont update since 2012 or so .
    Could not find "Safetycams premium NL" .

    I prefer SCDB at the moment ( from our site ofcourse , not from subscription ) ( always hated the official TT-cam's , premium or not )

  21. The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to basflt For This Useful Post:
    [ view ]

    biggerdave (30th October 2014),Vitinesgonzalez (19th November 2014)

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