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    TomTom Expert
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    Default TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) (latest in post #1)

    Latest version 29/01/2015
    Blitzer_AT_TomTom 48969
    Radar_BE_TomTom 48970
    Blitzer_DE_TomTom 48971
    Radar_ES_TomTom 48972
    Kamerat_FI_TomTom 48973
    Radar_FR_TomTom 48974
    Safety_Cam_UK_TomTom 48975
    Autovelox_IT_TomTom 48976
    Flitspaal_NL_TomTom 48977
    Fartsboks_NO_TomTom 48978
    Radar_PT_TomTom 48979
    Fartkamera_SE_TomTom 48980
    Safety_Cam_PL_TomTom 48981
    Blitzer_CZ_TomTom 48982
    Safety_Cam_ZA_TomTom 48983
    Safety_Cam_AU_TomTom 48984
    Radar_BR_TomTom 48985
    Safety_Cam_US_Canada_TomTom 48986
    Safety_Cam_GR_TomTom 48987
    Safety_Cam_HU_TomTom 48989
    Safety_Cam_RO_TomTom 48990
    Safety_Cam_SI_TomTom 48991
    Safety_Cam_SK_TomTom 48992
    Safety_Cam_BG_TomTom 48993
    Safety_Cam_LV_TomTom 48994
    Safety_Cam_EE_TomTom 48995
    Safety_Cam_LT_TomTom 48996
    Safety_Cam_IE_TomTom 48997
    Safety_Cam_NZ_TomTom 48999
    Safety_Cam_NL_Premium 49002
    Safety_Cam_FR_Premium 49003
    Safety_Cam_DE_Premium 49004
    Safety_Cam_PT_Premium 49005
    Safety_Cam_BE_Premium 49006
    Safety_Cam_IE_Premium 49007
    Safety_Cam_IT_Premium 49008
    Safety_Cam_ES_Premium 49011
    Safety_Cam_PL_Premium 49012
    Safety_Cam_CZ_Premium 49013
    Safety_Cam_UK_Premium 49014

    You will notice LV comes back at last
    the Maverick Reviewed by the Maverick on . TomTom Official speedcams (incl premium) (latest in post #1) Latest version 29/01/2015 Rating: 5
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    If you have installed WinRAR 3.xx or WinRAR 4.xx there could be a problem to
    extract a archive that is created with WinRAR 5.xx. You can upgrade or use the
    freeware "Command-Line" version to extract the archive.

    If your OS is Windows use the "Command-Line" freeware 'UnRAR_v500'
    (see attachment)

    Copy "UnRAR_v500.exe" to the "C:\Windows" folder.

    Open a "Command Prompt" box in the folder where the "WinRAR archive" is located.

    To extract the archive type: C:\Windows\UnRAR_v500 x -ad -y "archivename.rar"
    or use (modify) the batchfile that is in the attachment to extract the archive.

    *) Freeware "Command-Line" UnRAR tools for other Operating Systems:

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    hi maverick, any chance of getting the middle east speedcams and poi especially for AE - United Arab Emirates? i would really appreciate if you could assist...

    biggerdave's Avatar
    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    Do TT even do these?
    Please do not just post "thanks" but use the "thanks" button bottom/right or the reputation star "*" bottom/left
    S i m p l e s

    yuriyggg's Avatar
    Only the registered members can see the QUOTE Contents. Please Login OR Register.

    Have you seen this? (section-world)

    Link URL:
    Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register.
    Old, fat and lazy

    actually yes. i have used the said world file already. i was hoping there is country specific file like the rest which will be more accurate and more updated. this file have so many missing speedcams or speedcams no longer existing. but thanks anyway as it looks like there is no such file.
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    TomTom Expert
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    Updated to 27/01/2015

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